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New/Fake Pokemon Attacks List by cj1206
New/Fake Pokemon Attacks List
This is where I will group all my new attacks. So check regularly for updates! :D

I will still post individual text files when I come up with new ones, as before; in which you can find a little extra: more detailed descriptions, potential Pokemon users, and links to other people's Fakemon who have adopted the moves.
I will try and provide links to them below, when I can!

Please comment and let me know of other types of moves you'd like to see.
Or if you want a signature move for a Fakemon of yours, write that below here, and I'll invent a suitable one! Things like Magnepulse and Antiserum are some previous examples! :D

:D These attacks belong to me, but you may use them for any of your Fakemon, as long as you credit and link back to me. And if you let me know, I'll put a link to you and your Fakemon in the description of the post of the move you're using. So win-win! :D

Only exceptions are the moves Bolt Cage, Fume Flare, Moss Toss, Sheer Fury and Toxic Shock. For these moves, you must first ask DILAGO's permission.

Don't forget to check out my abilities too:

Links to Attacks
After Image -
Antiserum -
ArcticCharge -
Blight -
Bluster -…
Bolt Cage -
Chime -
Cinder Gun -
Comet Call -…
Concussion -
Corrosion -
CrystalStorm -…
Ripple -
Sand Blast -
Power - 35
Accuracy - 85%
PP - 15
Type - Steel
Category - Physical
Compare Clamp

Iron chains are cast out from the user and whip through the air towards a foe. On contact, they lash against the enemy while wrapping against them, binding them in place. This moves causes trap damage for 4 - 5 turns as the links grate into the foe.

Slush Shot
Power - 80
Accuracy - 100%
PP - 15
Type - Water
Category - Special
Compare Dark Pulse

A blast of frigid snowmelt is launched towards a foe. The coldness of this icy water can often leave the target Flinching from the chill. (30%). A useful Water technique learnt by many Ice types.

Power - --
Accuracy - 100%
PP - 20
Type - Steel
Category - Status
Compare Forest's Curse

A thick beam of silver light is shone onto a target. Small smooth shards of metal can be seen flitting across within. The target is engulfed in shining energy. At the moves end, the target will have acquired an additional Steel typing.

Talent Twist
Power - --
Accuracy - --
PP - 20
Type - Normal
Category - Status
Compare Metronome

Similar to Metronome but with Abilities. The user puts its arms to the sides, palms up, and they glow white with a mystical energy. At the end of the move the user will acquire a new, randomly selected Ability, which will activate as if the Pokemon just came into battle.
A few unique abilities such as Stance Change, Parental Bond and Forecast cannot be called

Skill Share
Power - --
Accuracy - --
PP - 20
Type - Normal
Category - Status
Compare Assist

Similar to Assist but with Abilties. A glowing white orb in conjured before the head of the user, this then bursts back onto the user and light washes over their body, after which they will have acquired the Ability of one of their teammates, which will activate as if the Pokemon just came into battle.
A few unique abilities such as Stance Change, Parental Bond and Forecast cannot be called
New Moves 20 - Tricky Tactics
So, Feel free to use these moves for your own Fakemon, but please credit me in the description, with a link to my page, if you do!
Thanks guys! And if you do, let me know and I'll link back to you below! 
Also, please comment to let me know what you think of these ideas! Cheers! :D

Shackles - Ferrothorn, Mawile...
Slush Shot - Glalie, Froslass, Glaceon, Vanilluxe, Walrein, Dewgong, Cloyster, Lapras, Abomasnow, Aurorus
Galvanize - Registeel, Mawile, Metagross, Jirachi, Bronzong, Clefki, Probopass
Talent Twist - Medicham...
Skill Share - Delcatty,...


cj1206's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Please comment on all my designs, if you have time. I love hearing feedback, good or where I could improve! And you might help inspire me to come up with new ideas. Thanks :D
Hi folks! 

I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to turn scans of my line art, into pure black and white pixels so I can then colour them digitally?
What I mean is, take this
Mega Mismagius Line-Art by cj1206
The line art for my Mega Mismagius. Because it is a scan of paper on which I drew with a pen, the white areas, aren't actually whitw. They are all off-white, and the ink - isn't uniformly black. 
So, I am looking for a program that will turn every pixel into either 0 - white or 255 - black for me, so that I can go on and easily colour it with the likes of paint!

On similar lines, if someone also knows a way to just get off white to become all white, like for this picture:
Mega Mismagius by cj1206
Let me know, so I can easily super-impose it on a background!

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